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This is delhi base Theatre Group and running youtube channel for all ages students, acting class, acting career, career tips.

rkz theatre group is a common platform for writers, painters, dancers, musician, film makers, media, journalists, artists and different streams of culture, rkz purpose is to bring out the social activities among masses in scientific terms through art, culture, folk art and modern styles, challenging research and tasks are taken up to outline them.

the body also establishes a connection between different art forms and work towards cultural exchange with full commitment over the years rkz has been working in the areas like theatrical performances and theatre performances, international symposiums & personality workshops for slam areas children.

students will get a chance to work in our projects like acting tips and short films. Please Subscribe our Channel for more updating acting tips Videos and short films. click our website for more detail- http://www.actingandcareertips.info/
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